Construction Manpower Development Foundation - CMDF

Here is the government initiative for Professionals thinking of developing and adding more value to their professional career. 

1. Productivity Training 
A.  Construction Management Courses (CMS)
  • Short-term courses in the different aspects of construction project management
  • Adheres to training intervention based on internationallyaccepted standards
  • Designed with reference to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the United States
       Target participants: Project Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, stakeholders, and students

  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Construction Project Quality Management
  • Construction Project Cost Management
  • Construction Project Time Management
B. Supervisory Development Courses
  • Geared towards productivity improvement like efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of project resources like man, money, machines, methods, etc. 
       Target Participants:
  • Construction Supervisors/Engineers
  • Other allied professions
  • Senior Engineering students
  • Rebarworks
  • Formworks
  • Masonry/Concreting
  • Electrical Works
  • Equipment Management Seminar
  • Plumbing works for supervisors
  • Steel Fabrication for supervisors 
C. Construction Safety Seminars and Courses
  •  Safety program in construction project sites
  •  Accredited by the Department of Labor and Employment Bureau of Working Conditions (DOLE-BWC)
       Target Participants:  Project Managers, Supervisors, and Filed Engineers

  • Construction Safety and Health
  • Orientation Seminar on Construction Safety
D. Skills Development and Livelihood Program
  • Basic and skills upgrading courses for construction workers and craftsmen
  • Venue for appropriate skills acquisition and enhancement for craftsmen
  • Trainees participate in hands-on productivity training where they are coached in proper job execution and appropriate construction methods and techniques.
  • Aligned with Technology Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) skills standard requirement
       Target Participants:
  • Skills Seminars - Construction skilled workers, Foremen, and Engineering students
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance - Mechanics, Mechanic Supervisor, and Foreman Mechanic
  • Heavy Equipment Operation -  at least high school graduates with basic knowledge in heavy equipment operation, and physically and mentally fit to undergo training
      A. Skills Training
          a. Rebar Fabrication and Installation
          b. Blockworks and Plastering
          c. Formworks (Rough Carpentry)
          d. Electrical Works
             d1. Building Wiring and Installation
             d2. Simplified Motor Control and Trouble Shooting Technique
          e. Plumbing works
          f. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
      B. Heavy Equipment Maintenance-upgrading
          a. Electrical System
          b. Fuel System
          c. Engine Overhauling
          d. Hydraulic System

2. Orientation Seminar for Students 

  • Basic orientation seminar on the various construction skills
       Target Participants: Engineering Students and Faculty

  • Rebarworks
  • Concrete Works
  • Formworks
  • Electricla Works
  • Plumbing Works
3. Skills Testing and Certification
  •  Conducted in CMDC and caters for the testing of skilled workers on various crafts
  •  Accredited by TESDA for their Skills Certification Program
        Target Participants: Construction skilled workers, Foremen, and Engineering students

4. Miscellaneous Services 
  • Rental of CMDC facilities for other functions and events not related to construction activities like retreat, teambuilding, etc.
  • CMDC is the training center of CMDF-DTI situated in a seven-hectare land in Dasmariñas, Cavite.
  • Dormitories  with or without air-condition
  • Function rooms that can accommodate from 25 to 80 persons
  • Recreational facilities like  swimming pool, darts, billiards, table tennis, and basketball pavement

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Construction Manpower Development Foundation (CMDF)

Created in 1981, the CMDF is mandated to oversee the development of human resources of the construction industry.

We shall be the leading instrument of change to enable construction industry to fulfill its share in nation building.
We shall develop and sustain human resource capabilities for domestic and overseas needs to attain globally competitive construction industry.

We are committed to the creation of an environment for the development and improvement of the human resource industry to deliver construction services here and abroad with the highest standards of performance.

Contact Information

Office of the Executive Director
Construction Manpower Development Foundation
G/F Trade and Industry Bldg.
361 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati City
Tel. No.: (+632) 890.1069
Fax: (+632) 890.1037

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